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Your Social Security Benefits Are in Jeopardy

January 7, 2015

Don't let Congress take your Social Security benefits


Last night, members of the House made a change to their proposed rules package that makes it more difficult to pass legislation to protect Social Security disability recipients.


What does this mean for you?


1. An option to keep Social Security solvent would be taken away.

Funds would not be permitted to be reallocated from the Social Security Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund to the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund without benefit cuts or tax increases. 


2. The benefits you've earned and rely on may be reduced.

Without an option to reallocate funds, you may see a 20 percent cut in your Social Security disability benefits in 2016. 


3. Your government is not standing up for you and protecting your earned money.

Social Security disability is an insurance policy you've bought into by working and paying your taxes. Your hard-earned money that you require during a time of need should not be taken away from you.


Help us stop this and preserve Social Security disability. Contact your Representative today. Urge them to vote against this new rules package and honor their duty to protect your rights. 


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