There have been newly proposed budget cuts of $72 billion to Social Security disability insurance (SSDI), America’s social program that covered more than 10 million recipients as of December 2015. Social Security disability insurance (SSDI), despite the rhetoric, is not an entitlement. It is a common myth that SSDI is a government handout, but the reality is that 6.2% of the money you receive in every paycheck is deducted for the Social Security Trust Fund. If you become injured and cannot work, you’ve purchased a policy to help you financially during that time.

“If you ask 999 people out of a thousand, they’d tell you Social Security disability is not part of Social Security,”  Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was recently quoted as saying when asked about promises to protect Social Security funding in a recent article on NBC News. The truth about SSDI is being obscured by the dangerous rhetoric broadcast daily by politicians and the media and statements such as these must not go unchallenged if our rights are to be protected.

SSDI is constantly under attack by the government, despite being a program that people pay for directly via their payroll taxes. Social Security DOES encompass SSDI, as well as Medicare and Social Security retirement benefits—all of which are paid for by the people, NOT the government. It is crucial that we work together to defend SSDI so that we can protect the Americans who depend on it for survival.

Make your voice heard by contacting your local state and federal representatives and demanding that they protect your rights by opposing budget cuts to SSD.

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