Disability Justice welcomes Ms. Nathalie B. Martelly as an associate Social Security attorney in its New York City office.

Nathalie has dedicated her career to representing Social Security disability clients because of her passion for helping those in difficult situations. She has successfully secured disability benefits for hundreds of Americans, while working at national Social Security disability group Binder & Binder. Nathalie knows the importance of being a client’s voice in the courtroom, and sees to it that the law is used to change people’s lives for the better.

“I’ve seen the tough situations people who are applying for Social Security disability are in, and I am driven to battle for their rights to collect these benefits,” she said. “The whole process takes a long time because of government wait times and backlogs so it can be very frustrating for clients, but I want them to know that I’m advocating for them all the way.”

Nathalie wants each client to have a personalized experience and strives to ensure that the judges deciding their cases understand her clients’ struggles with disabilities.

“I tell all my clients before their hearing, ‘It’s time to tell your story,’” she said. “‘You’re more than a nine-digit Social Security number. You have a story and a right to these benefits. You’re more than just a list of medical conditions on paper.’”

Nathalie knew Disability Justice’s client-focus and culture of diligence and compassion would be a perfect fit for her personality.

“When I first met Partner Tom Giordano, I could feel his passion for representing disabled Americans, and I knew I wanted to work for a place that is so dedicated to improving its clients’ lives,” she said.

Nathalie can be reached at nmartelly@disabilityjustice.com.

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