We are excited to announce our new Appellate Division, focusing on clients whose Social Security disability cases have been wrongfully denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA). To lead this exciting new practice, seasoned attorneys Michael P. Boyle and Nicholas D. Feden have joined Disability Justice to challenge court decisions made by Administrative Law Judges by suing the SSA when they fail to follow their own regulations.

“This is truly a huge step in the growth of Disability Justice,” said Partner Tom Giordano. “Moreover, it is an even bigger benefit to our clients all over the country. They can rest assured knowing that they have the best attorneys assisting them throughout the entire Social Security disability process, especially in Federal Court.”

With this new addition to the firm, Disability Justice becomes one of the elite few national law firms helping clients in this area of the law.

“We work with hard-working individuals who are losing their savings and being foreclosed on. These individuals have already been through the administrative process and have waited six or seven years for a decision. If the judge makes an error, they are denied their benefits – without winning an appeal at this level, they would never get their benefits,” said Appellate Attorney Michael Boyle.

Both Michael and Nicholas have extensive backgrounds in the area of Appellate Law, which made for a natural transition to establishing the new department at Disability Justice. Before joining the firm, they were partners at The Law Offices of Michael P. Boyle, which dealt in the areas of Social Security disability and tax controversy law.

“With the resources that are already established at Disability Justice, combined with our experience practicing Social Security disability appellate appeals, we can really shake up the industry and create meaningful change,” said Appellate Attorney Nicholas Feden. “It will allow for a completing of the circle, ensuring quality representation for the client from beginning to end.”

Michael can be reached at mboyle@disabilityjustice.com and Nicholas at nfeden@disabilityjustice.com.

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