Two years ago, Disability Justice opened its doors and soon became one of the leading advocacy groups for disabled Americans. Since 2015, we have assisted tens of thousands of Americans in all 50 states and Puerto Rico in applying for and obtaining Social Security disability benefits.

In 2016, we expanded our team to over 100 employees, allowing us to provide client-centered service that truly spans the nation. We expanded our client portal to include instant confirmation of messages, as well as the ability to send and receive documents. We remained dedicated to defending clients’ rights daily, both in the courtroom and through political activism.

Partner Tom Giordano, Jr. believes Disability Justice’s holistic approach to client advocacy is what makes us stand out.

“We strive to make our clients feel cared for and valued. Each client has a team that stays with them from beginning to end, and that gives a very human feel to the legal process. A disability claim is often times a very long journey, now spanning almost three years. Clients need to know who they’re working with during that time so they can build rapport and trust. I believe that continuity can ease the stress of waiting during such a difficult time in people’s lives.”

As Disability Justice enters 2017, the focus will continue to be on improving our clients’ experience and expanding the reach of our advocacy.

“The client experience is the cornerstone of what we do,” Tom said. “2017 must be a year of continued growth, improving the way we communicate with our clients during the wait time for a disability decision that continues to grow longer and longer. I feel privileged and honored that we will have the opportunity to help more disabled Americans than ever before gain access to the Social Security disability benefits they deserve.”

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